Sterling Doors
Sterling Doors

Features & Benefits

Imagine a door that retains the warmth, beauty and look of real wood yet will not dent, rust, bow, warp, crack, splinter, or scratch.

Water Max Doors’ unique engineering results in a door that is built to last a life-time. Some of our quality features include:
Our Water Max Doors offer full-length composite stiles which provide complete waterproofing for the door’s insulation, as exclusive to the Water Max Doors. Using the superior performance of composite stiles, these stiles will not splinter like wood or delaminate like steel.

High-strength engineered composite bottom rails

The Water Max Door’s high-strength engineered composite rail prevents moisture from seeping into the door. This rail also allows the Water Max Door to accomodate a range of door seals.

Environmentally-sound polyurethane foam core

Though some other fibreglass door manufacturers still use HCFC foam, we are proud to offer a door which is completely CFC-free in conformance with environmental standards. Our advanced polyurethane core provides superior thermal performance and enhances the door’s soundproofing. The combination of these factors has created a door which serves to protect our environment by avoiding harm to the ozone layer and by offering better thermal insulation to your home. Our composite door can add up to 5 times greater insulation properties than a solid timber door.

Deep-profile fibreglass skins

Our deep-profile compression molded fibreglass skins create a stronger dimension, enriching the door’s rich oak appearance.

Product warranty

We offer a 10 year Limited Warranty on our Water Max Doors Wood Grain Doors and a 10 year Limited Warranty on our Water Max Doors to original purchasers.

  • No screw cap plugs or traditional glass insert frames to deal with
  • Sleek snap-on internal glazing frame to hold glass in place
  • Exterior frame molded design is another example of our advanced technology
  • Impressive construction offers improved strength and performance
  • Increased light brightens up any room
  • Additional internal structural support on both sides of the door